Limited Edition Soap

Limited Edition Soaps
Once their gone their gone. Every once in a while I find a fragrance that smells like fun.

Goat Milk, Solid and liquid vegetable oils ( Olive, Safflower, Canola, Sunflower, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Shea Butter,
Wheat Germ, Grape Seed), Sodium Hydroxide, Borax, Sugar, Glycerin, High Quality Fragrance or Essential Oils.
3 oz. Bar $5.50
Felted Soap $9.50
Each bar contains 1/3 whole fresh Goat Milk.
All of our Goat milk Soaps are made one batch at a time, using only high quality vegetable oils and
fragrance or Essential oils, then hand cut, cured and wrapped in recycled tissue paper for your enjoyment.
Limited Edition;

Bug Off   
With a blend of essential oils to Discourage biting insects.
3 oz. Bar                     Felted

3 oz. Bar                Felted

Honey Cream
With Honey
3 oz. Bar                 Felted

1/2 Dozen Special
6- Bars of 3 oz. Goat Milk Soap $30.00
Choose from any of our Goat Milk Soap,
Herbal Soap & Limited Edition Soap.
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